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[pct-l] Thru Hiker Sleeing Bags

Since I'm a little clausterphobic I have an ARC Alpinist quilt from
Nunutak with 2 oz. overfill and a EPIC shell and have been very happy
with it.  It weights 24 oz. and is rated to 20 deg.  I sleep a little
cold thus the overfill.  If I was handy with a sewing machine I'd try
making one but I'm not.  The nice thing about a company like Nunutak is
they'll custom make your bag for you.  Not cheap, but a very nice, well
made quilt.  Here's the link...


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:Oh, I didn't mention: I was looking for the one that had something like
:70"+ shoulder girth...(yeah, I want it all and I want it NOW...).
:I mentioned to Ron that I liked the new tent, but then asked about a
:bathtub floor....
:I really WANT to put together an ultralight kit, but I just can't seem
:to shake some of my lux habits...(the oilcan stays...)
:Ok. I looked at the Western Mountaineering bags. Nice stuff!
:14 oz for a
:3-season bag!
:What about the quilts? Light and all the girth I could ever want?
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:Try Western Mountaineering at www.westernmountaineering.com
:The Highlite (40 degrees) weighs in at 19 oz. in the 6' 6" version.  It
:certainly was not optimal for the High Sierra, but good enough
:for SoCal
:and from Sierra City north.  I finished in Canada in late August, so I
:didn't have to contend with cold or bad weather up north.  If I was to
:do it again, I'd bring my Ultralight, which weighs in at 1 lb 15 oz in
:the large size and is good to 20 degrees.  I'd probably start with it
:and carry it until Sierra City, then switch into the Highlite for the
:rest of the trip, possibly picking up the Ultralight again in
:if I was running late.  I have reviews of both bags at
:http://whiteblaze.net.  Look in the Gear Reviews section.  The Highlite
:review was written last year and so will be a bit buried, but the
:Ultralight review I wrote recently.  The posts would be under the user
:name of chris.
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:> Not too long ago, there was a web link to some REALLY light sleeping
:> bags.
:> Does anyone have those links? Or recommendations on bags vs quilts?
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