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[pct-l] Annual So. Calif. Pot Harvest Warning

On 04.09.24, Mark Wright wrote:
> >avoid people with guns
> But why?

	I don't see any smiley here, so I'll give a straight answer.
The "people with guns and irrigation pipes" in my prior message are
the people guarding the unlawful pot farms in the forest.  Police
press releases paints these people as illegal immigrants and/or gang
members who will rob and/or shoot stray hikers who enter their domain.
They may install booby traps around their farms, too.

	Here are a couple of relevant articles from a Google search on
'police "pot farm" california':


	The "people with guns and helicopters" are the law enforcement
agencies who are pursuing the pot farmers.  Generally speaking, you
don't want to be around when they are operating in an area of the
forest.  They might mistake you for a criminal.  For comparison,
consider the plight of the New York shoppers who were arrested 
during the recent political convention:

				Craig "Computer" Rogers