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[pct-l] So. Calif Forests to Close until Rain?

> 	The Angeles NF and San Bernardino NF websites don't have
> anything relevant in their newsroom or front page postings, but the

	The Angeles NF has posted a news release on its website.
Certain areas are listed for closure to public access starting Monday,
certain areas are listed as remaining open, and "increased
restrictions will affect the use of most of the Forests recreational
facilities, roads and hiking trails".  The press release doesn't spell
out just what these restrictions will be; I assume another press
release will be forthcoming.


	"Know before You Go" phone numbers in the press release:

Angeles NF	                         (626) 574-5208
Los Angeles River Ranger Station         (818) 899-1900
San Gabriel River Ranger Station         (626) 335-1251
Santa Clara-Mojave Rivers Ranger Station (661) 296-9710

					Craig "Computer" Rogers