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[pct-l] Re: the ulitmate bring list

Yeah, but in my case I have listed all the right stuff.  Trust me kids. And 
I have the same tent as lodgepole, same sleeping bag as no one, same 
backpack as steve and same underwear as iceman (we take turns), same 
generator as.....ahhhh gotcha!

Bring it.



>From: "Judith Rush" <crush@ptd.net>
>To: <pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net>, 
>Subject: Re: the ulitmate bring list
>Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 00:40:36 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
>Like I said everyone thinks their gear is the right stuff, and know two
>backpackers use the same gear.
>-------Original Message-------
>From: Joseph Niemiec
>Date: 09/19/04 16:37:27
>To: crush@ptd.net; pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net
>Subject: the ulitmate bring list
>Ok so many of you have questions about what to bring... I'm going to let 
>know exactly what to bring.  Follow this list and you will be super 
>(I just finished the trail 18 days ago)
>1.  henry shires tarp tent (2 person virga)
>-This tent is THE shit.  everyone will have one because it is the only 
>to go.  THe europa is crap.  The inside joke on the trail , if you 
>have a tarp tent was "what would henry shires say?"  and 
"look at that
>sloppy ridgeline"
>-Truth be told, you won't need a tent up until oregon.  I had one or two
>rain days in CA and they only lasted 10 minutes.
>2. Western Mountaineering or Marmot 900 bag.  Down is the same quality  
>both bags. Even though western rates theirs at 850-- it is the same.
>-You want to sleep as well as possible every night.  I bought the 
>  it was perfect. I was warm when others were cold.  when it was too 
warm I
>just shook the down to the bottom. (the year I bought it it was 15 
>bag with no fill in the bottom part of the neck tube-it's a little 
>now, I think it is now a 10 degree bag and is call the versalight super
>cause they added down to that part)
>3.  WEstern mountaineering flight jacket.. used during the high 
>- everyone wanted one.
>4. don't use any stuff sacks
>-Just line your bag with a trash compactor bag - just shove your 
>bag and clothes in there. (of course you'll need bags for your food and 
>for tolietries)
>5.  Sleep with your food.
>-Kids listen.  I was fearful of this too when I first started so I 
bought a
>bear bag (ursack).  truth is that bears are big ass racoons and aren't 
>to come in your tent, but they will stay around all night to try to get 
>out of trees. the only place you might want to hang you food is in
>washington where mice will eat hole sin your tent and run around your 
>to get to it.  ANd if you camp just before or just after yosemite.  I 
>past both of these areas in one day so still didn't use a canister or 
>bag.  Also many of us talked to billy goat- a legend who has hike the 
>like 5 times. He said the only place he won't sleep with his food is in 
>immeadiate yosemite area.
>- and pleeaaaase don't buy a bear canister.
>6. Don't buy a nalgene bottle, use gatorade bottles and platypus bags.
>-come on does this need any more explaination?  Lighter and both last
>7. MSR titan kettle
>-perfect size
>8. pepsi can stove
>OK, I covered the main stuff. and don't be a fool and get a pack any 
>than a granite gear nimbus ozone.  most had smaller packs. and please 
>buy hiking boots. really.  You just want thick soled trail runners.
>I'm out,
> >From: "Judith Rush" <crush@ptd.net>
> >To: <pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net>
> >Subject: [pct-l] RE: Suggestions for "to bring List"
> >Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 15:26:05 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
> >
> >My pack weight without food fuel and water is 9 lb 4 oz, I don't no 
> >exact weight of each item, but will give a estimate.
> >Pack -- G-5 from Gossamergear.com I used a G-4 pack for years,and 
loved it,
> >but I ever filled it up so I went with the smaller G-5 I passed the 
> >to  my son. It weighs around 8 oz I did modify it a little
> >
> >My tents a Nomad Lite from Wanderlustgear.com I gave my old nomad 
to my son
> >and bought a new one for the PCT last year. The old tent and G-4 
pack did
> >the AT and many other trails with me. It weighs 1 lb 12 oz, but 
takes about
> >5 months to get one. If you need one sooner six moon designs has a 
2 man
> >tent at 2 lbs has lots of room.
> >
> >I use a Z-lite  sleeping pad from Gossamer gear
> >
> >My bag is a Western Mountaneering ultralite weighs 1 lb 12 oz but 
the Kelty
> >light year is only 4 ozs heavier for a third of the price.
> >
> >My extra cloths are a bathing suit, long sleeve nylon shirt, 2 
extra smart
> >lite hiker pairs of socks, two pair of coolmax sock liners, a 
balaclava, a
> >Marmot flash sweater, ( a fluffy lightweight jacket ) which is also 
> >pillow and 2 extra bandanas. This isn't counting what I'm wearing. 
Oh and
> >gloves
> >
> >Homemade alcohol stove from a tomato paste can pot stand from a 
coat hanger
> >titanum pot ( the small one ) container for the alcohol that the 
stove fits
> >over the lid and it all fits in the pot.
> >
> >A Photon 2 light
> >Agua mira
> >Bug net
> >  Small packs of tissues
> >Platypus bag 2 liter
> >Rain Parka from Wanderlust gear goes over pack also 2 or 3 ozs.
> >Swiss army knife the small one
> >Small pill bottle with aleve, imodiom , bedadryl, pepsid, and 
> >2 washcloths ,I put loops on them soI could hang them from my pack 
to dry,
> >sunscreen a small one, you can always get a new one in town
> >small 2 dollar compass
> >Small alcohol gel
> >lighter
> >Bandaids
> >small toothpaste and brush
> >antibiotic cream
> >pieces of guidebook
> >extra end for platy
> >extra batteries for digital camera, a Pentax Optio that I carry in 
my side
> >pants pocket
> >BLISTER PADS, bandaids compeed pads are good,Dr Shool and Spenco 
make them
> >also. It seemed like no one took them, I was giving them to every 
one, and
> >they are about a dollar each.
> >
> >  Hope I didn't forget anything. I didn't make any changes, but 
only made
> >around 600 miles before getting hurt. I will be back next year to 
try again
> >                                         Sunburn
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