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[pct-l] Boots

I just had to chime in to the "shoes vs. boots" debate. I have a very
nice set of runnings shoes that I wear when I go running. I also own a
set of Vasque Zephyrs (goretex model), which I wear as my "normal
shoes". I wear them to school, to work, doing yard work, on the
weekends, and pretty much any other time that another set of shoes is
a requirement.

In May of 2005 my friend and I will start on the PCT for a full hike,
and I plan on wearing the exact same shoes that I have worn for two
years now. I'll probably buy a new pair a couple months before the
hike to break them in, but why in the world would I switch out a pair
of shoes that I know to be of great quality and fits me fine? I'll
give the shoes a little bit of time to get used to my feet, and just
like the current pair, I wont have any problems.

Someone made a comment about why they couldn't understand why anyone
would wear anything but running shoes. I think that's a little much.
It wasn't that many years ago that full grain heavy leather hiking
boots were the "norm" for things like the PCT, and now the pendellum
has swung the other way towards shaving holes in your toothbrush
handle to save weight.

I mean the goal of me hiking the PCT (and I would think the goal that
everyone has when they go out into the wilderness) is to have fun and
stay safe. There are some different methods out there to accomplish
those ends, but the point to going is to have fun. I'm pretty sure I
can do that with my boots on, and as such I think I'll be a-okay.