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[pct-l] Weak ankles

I played volley ball for many years and fractured my ankle three times. I  
wore an ankle brace for many year while playing. When I started hiking my wife  
told me I had to give one up. It was volley ball.
The only problem when hiking my left ankle kept turning. I  tried to correct 
this by buying bigger and stronger boots. Man; I got up to 5  pounds of boots 
in the $200.00 price range. 
They also would wear uneven and also wear me out. My ankle would still turn  
from uneven boot wear.
Finally after many years of suffering. I went to a podiatrist. He took an  
x-ray of my ankle which was full of calcium. He explained my ankle had many bone 
 fragments in it and he need to go in and clean it out. I decided to get an  
another opinion. I went to a Chiropractor who took and MR. there were no bone  
fragments. He suggest exercise. First I would sit down and use a towel.  I  
switched to a silk scarf and would hold the scarf with both hands cradling the  
ankle and rotate ankle left to right three repeats of twenty each. I then  
after strengthening my ankle would stand on my toes then heel with three repeats 
 and twenty times each. I then had to learn to re-walk without a limp. His  
favorite expression was if you limp you will be a gimp. By limping you put too  
much pressure on your other foot and hip and knee. I found the treadmill am  
excellent source to correct my gait.
Finally I graduated from my accident. He recommended I buy an ankle brace  
and only use it when necessary. "Don't make a habit out of it" I found the  
McDavid brace to work fine for me. It has a three way support which wraps  and 
cradle the ankle.
Now the big reward. I now can wear my 806's  when backpacking and hope  to 
never wear a boot again, except when snow shoeing and with my crampons. They  
say a pound on your foot equals eight  on your back.