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[pct-l] Sierra Footwear question

honestly, it depends on the year.  if its a heavy snow year, wearing 
trail running shoes will be extremely difficult, if not impossible.  if 
its a very dry year, it might be completely possible.  if its an 
average year, it might be do-able if you are not among the first group 
through the sierras and are able to follow in the footsteps of previous 

in any event, I wouldn't even try it without an Ice axe, especially in 
mid june.  in fact, you can almost bank on there being alot of snow in 
mid june regardless of how heavy the snow was the preceding winter.


> Are trail running shoes ok between Kennedy Meadows and Tahoe for a
> "normal" PCT thru-hike schedule (Mid June thru Mid July)?
> I'm mostly concerned with the snow fields up/down passes.
> Thanks in advance,
> joe
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