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[pct-l] Another Food Tip

Good evening, Switchback,

Thanks for the recommendation.  My attention becomes focused anytime the
words cashew, macadamia, cranberry, and almond are used in the same
sentence.  Be careful though, someone is likely to berate you for not
clinically proving that more salt may be advisable at times, and others may
accuse you of belonging to the wrong political party for encouraging U.S.
nut packing jobs to be exported to Thailand.

For me its simple:  I like the taste of salted nuts.


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> Trader Joe's has a "Cashew/Macadamia Delight TREK MIX with pineapple,
> cranberry and almond" that is excellent.  The first listed ingredient on
the back is
> "dry roasted cashews" so this is not your typical cheap mix.  You might
add a
> little popcorn salt to cover you salt needs a little better.  Product of
> Thailand and in a 14 oz (397g) package.  Expiration is June 2005 on my
> bought package, so it would be good for thru-hike resupply boxes if bought
> January-March.  Of course, making your own bulk mix would be cheaper.
> Happy trails, Switchback.
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