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[pct-l] Expedient Water Crossing

I can understand both sides of this argument, but I think the theory is  
that a heavier pack will plant you more firmly on your feet so you will  
be less likely to get swept away, assuming you can keep your balance.  
It also says that you should be sure that you fit your pack so that it  
can easily and quickly be removed.

What I like is where it says to take off your clothes and fasten them  
to your pack so that if you do lose your stuff you can more easily get  
it back later. The problem is that if you can't find your pack later  
you are out of gear and naked!


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On Sep 3, 2004, at 2:17 PM, Ken Powers wrote:

>  And I don't think their advice of a heavier pack holding you down  
> better
> is good advice either. A heavier pack just makes it harder for me to
> maintain my balance.