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[pct-l] Expedient Water Crossing

Steel-eye wrote:
In view of the recent discussion about the hazards of fording creeks and
rivers I would like to refer interested readers the following website.
Please see Chapter #17.  You may find some surprises, particularly in
reference to the effect of pack weight.

Hmm, I suppose stream crossings are like bear canisters and horses and
other perennial arguments that never die but . . . I see that the Army
Field Manual you cited recommends a stream-crossing technique using a

Most wilderness manuals I've read specifically state that this is a bad
idea, since if a roped-up person loses his footing the force of the
moving water will instantly pin him to the stream bed and keep him
there.  The only options that that point are to cut the rope or drown.

But I'm sure there are a wide variety of opinions on the subject.