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[pct-l] Pack inquiry from NaborJ./PCT 2005.

I have caught a rather obvious mistake. As you know sometimes there are requirments for Bear cans in some areas (for those who wish to insue on a Bear can debate, please resist if you CAN). Although I have found the "10LB to 1000 cubic inch " rule of thumb works, but it does not take into account the size of some cumbersome objects, such as "bear CANs". Like Mark Verber said,  take it to the Store and see if it will fit in the prospective pack(s) in question. HYOH, IMHO, GTAHOPCT (Go take a hike on the PCT)
-Mountain Goat-

The Mountain Goat <themtgoat@yahoo.com> wrote:
In regards to Mark Verber comment:
>As to size of pack... weight doesn't map into volume very well so it
>is hard to guess how much volume you need.  My typical solution to
>figuring out volume requirements is to put everything that is going to
>be carried in a duffel bag, lug it to an outdoor store, and see what
>size pack holds the load.  Assuming the 40lbs is a reasonably dense
>load would have though that 4000ci would be plenty of space, and you
>might compress down to 3200cu/in.

I have found the 10LB to 1000 cubic inch works fairly well for packs with some sort of frame, but if you are taking a lot of (dense) equipment, I guess that would not apply.
-Mountain Goat-

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