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[pct-l] RE: Pack inquiry from Nabor J./PCT 2005

I want to confirm Wandering Bob's recommendation of BackpackingLight.com as
an excellent source of impartial reviews of backpacking equipment. My
purchase of a P-2 pack preceded their recently released Internal Frame
Backpack Review by several months, but I find that their assessment of the
P-2 is right on--including the criticisms.  Yes it is a pay site, but I
consider it a sort of Consumer Reports for backpackers and for me too the
$25 yearly fee is worth it.

Backpackgeartest.org is a free site and another great source of information
about backpacking gear.  I bought my P-2 due to the favorable reports from
their testers and have not regretted my decision.  I am not suggesting that
they too become a pay site however.

John Coyle