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Pack weight conversion. was Re: [pct-l] Pack inquiry from NaborJ./PCT 2005.

I found out a weight to volume conversion (from a salesperson) and seems to work pretty well, this may not work for frameless pack however... Sorry Go-lite enthusiasts.
10 LB per 1000 cubic incheas (1LB=100 Cubic inches)
So I have a Ghost 2003, it has a 3,100 capacity (31LB using above conversion).
And true to form, it was great on the 10 day earlier this year, as long as you had less than 31LB. At one point I had 34LB, and it did seem a little aquward.
Also, have a 4000 cubic inch pack (low alpine) and was great with 40LB or less, but
when I tried it with 45LB last night, it was again cumbersome, it does work, but doesn't ballence the load well. 
Hope that helps.
-mountain Goat-

Bob Bankhead <wandering_bob@comcast.net> wrote:

Buy a pack to fit the gear you expect to carry, not because of it's stated
capacity. How much of that 7000 cubic inches is useable and where is it
located? A lot of packs quote their fully loaded capacity - counting all
side pockets and extension collars. Loaded like that, they won't carry
nearly as well as if the pack bag itself were sized for the same capacity.

Most places will let you bring in all your gear and load it into several
packs, walk around with it, and see how it fits before you buy. Some (like
REI) will let you buy and return them after trying them at home. Find a
dealer who knows how to measure you for torso length and is willing to take
the time to truly custom fit a pack to your body (different shoulder strap
designs and spacing, different hip belt designs and girths).

Read the Backpacking Light Internal Frame Pack Review (2004) at
You have to be a Premium (paid) member to get some of the detailed reviews,
but the overall article is excellent. Personally, I've carried the
Mountainsmith auspex for three years and love it. Lots of excellent reviews
and articles to read here. It's actually worth the $25 Premium Membership

Another source of unbiased reviews is http://backpackgeartest.org/. Scroll
down to PACKS, Internal and External Frames Backpacks.

Wandering Bob

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