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[pct-l] Pack inquiry from NaborJ./PCT 2005.

 I am also planning a northbound hike of the PCT (but in 2006) and in the
process of equipment acquisition in the interests of shaving weight. I have
picked up quite a bit of valuable info from conversing with people on this
list. Especially the ones that really know what they are talking about. I
have already decided to stick with my Mountainsmith Auspex as the pack of
choice (echoing Bob's last message; it weighs 4 lbs, but it really is sturdy
and I think it's very comfortable when it's loaded). There are other ways to
shave weight-- keep attuned to this list and you'll gather some good ideas.
 On another note, I am curious as to the photographic equipment that you are
planning to take with you. I am planning to document my journey as well
(with still photos). Unlike your project, it is not professsional. But I am
wondering what you are taking that amounts to 16 lbs. You must be a
fully-loaded professional photographer! I know this is a huge debate
(perhaps not fit for the topics on this list, if you agree you can respond
off list), but as an amateur photographer I am thrilled about the digital
revolution, as long as the power consumption aspects can be managed on the
trail. With some of the new plastics being used in cameras and lenses, I've
discovered that a 7 lb load is possible. I am just curious as to your gear
inventory and whether you've though about ways to take the weight down in
that department while not compromising the photographic quality that you
 PS: Why does everyone need a trail name?