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[pct-l] Pack inquiry from NaborJ./PCT 2005.

First a caveat...  I am a section hiker rather than a thru-hiker, so
most of my experience is a 1-3 week sections of the long trails.

> I plan to self-publish a book about the experience, which will consist of
> journal entry-styled text, images shot both by film and digital mediums, and
> recordings that will be obtained through the use of a mini-disc player to
> capture sounds of the outdoors and interviews with hikers and those that
> take care of us in re-supply towns.

Rather than doing digital and film I would recommend choosing one type
of camera (digital or film) to help minimize what you carry.  Rather
than a mini-disc player, you might want to think about something like
the the RipFlash http://www.pogoproducts.com/ripflash_plus.html since
it will give you 2x the record time for about 1/2 the weight and size
of most mini disks recorders.

> I have about 16 pounds of "technical gear weight" that
> I am responsible for.  Therefore, I'm guessing I'll need a pack size of
> about 5000 c.i. or larger, not necessarily to fit everything, but to support
> the weight. (My guess is that I'll be carrying about 40 lbs.)

I am trying to understand how 16lbs balloons to 40lb since even at 2lb
of food/day with would be 10 days of food and 2L of water which is
more than most thru-hikers carry. Is that 16lb for camera / recording
gear + something like 12lbs for your camping gear, and then 10lbs of

As to size of pack... weight doesn't map into volume very well so it
is hard to guess how much volume you need.  My typical solution to
figuring out volume requirements is to put everything that is going to
be carried in a duffel bag, lug it to an outdoor store, and see what
size pack holds the load.  Assuming the 40lbs is a reasonably dense
load would have though that 4000ci would be plenty of space, and you
might compress down to 3200cu/in.

There are a number of smaller packs which can handle 40lbs well.  For
up to 40lbs (but not over it) I think the Osprey Aether 60 might work
well for you.  Other option would be Osprey Aether 75 if you need more
space/weight, something from McHale Packs, the ULA P2 if you are a
larger load, the GoLite Infinity if you have a more compact load, or
maybe the Mountainsmith Auspex which I don't like it, but many do.

> If I'm going to spend the money for a pack of that size,
> should I purchase a pack such as the Denali Pro(7000 c.i.), because I plan
> to do Denali and some longer trips in the future and it just seems wise to
> buy one pack at the time.

I would buy a pack which suits this journey.  I think you would regret
the size and weight of the Denali Pro on the PCT.