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[pct-l] Pack inquiry from NaborJ./PCT 2005.

Hello all-
Over past year, I've been planning my PCT trek which a friend and I will 
attempt in 2005(northbound.)  During the planning, I've been reading the 
message boards and I want to thank all of you for you insight and wit; it's 
been fun to get to "know you" through your messages.  I want to introduce 
myself, my name Jason Waicunas, but my trail name is NaborJ, (pronounced 
Neighbor-J....it's an old college nickname that has stuck.)  The purpose of 
the trek is much the same as yours, to experience the trek by seeing new 
places, meeting people along the way, and doing some "soul-searching."  I 
plan to self-publish a book about the experience, which will consist of 
journal entry-styled text, images shot both by film and digital mediums, and 
recordings that will be obtained through the use of a mini-disc player to 
capture sounds of the outdoors and interviews with hikers and those that 
take care of us in re-supply towns.  (A cd will be included with the book 
along with "extra" images.)  As a result, I'm guessing I won't be able to go 
"ultra-lite" as I would like to.  Although I consider the two of us(hikers) 
to be fit and experienced hikers, I would like to receive any suggestions 
you have in regard to pack size.  Although there are two of us to distribute 
the weight of shared essentials such as a tent(no tarp-thanks), cooking 
stove/cookware, etc., I have about 16 pounds of "technical gear weight" that 
I am responsible for.  Therefore, I'm guessing I'll need a pack size of 
about 5000 c.i. or larger, not necessarily to fit everything, but to support 
the weight. (My guess is that I'll be carrying about 40 lbs.)  The main 
question is:  If I'm going to spend the money for a pack of that size, 
should I purchase a pack such as the Denali Pro(7000 c.i.), because I plan 
to do Denali and some longer trips in the future and it just seems wise to 
buy one pack at the time.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!  Good luck 
to all of you that are currently on the trail and to those of you looking 
forward to returning to it.


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