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[pct-l] RE: Missing the Pack?

I saw Mike and his dog in mid July at Castela and he was in forward elements at the time. It take about a month to get to Timberline from there which would put it him at mid August at Timberline. 
I saw Mountain Momma on 7/31 at Ashland, and she was roughly in the middle. It takes about 3 weeks from there to Timberline, which would put her at August 21st.
Given these to points, I would say that you would be getting the trailing elements of the class of 2005 if you are talking about September 6th at Timberline. 
Finally It would take (assuming 20+ miles a day pace) around 3+ weeks from Timberline to Manning. If I were at Timberline on the 6th of September I would be at manning at the beginning of October. This may be OK to some, but October 1st seems late to me for a finish, considering rain and snow are probable (Based on what I gathered from others on the PCT-L). I guess I will have to just see if my assumtions are anywhere near correct by doing the PCT in 2005. You realize this is just for posterity, not because I already was planing the trip, or that I cant wait to go next year, or even that maybe I can't wait? Ok so I was already planning to go.....
Hope that helps and was not to much of an analytic answer for you.
-Mountain Goat-

Duane Steiner <dhstein31@yahoo.com> wrote:
I am Southbound section hiking Smith Pass (August 23rd) - Timberline (Sept 6/7). I was hoping to run into some of the class of 2004. It sounds like I might just run into the stragglers. Can anyone confirm where the middle of the herd is right now or even where the back of the pack but still able to complete are presently.

duane - shutterbug


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