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[pct-l] Southern Terminus of PCT for sale! (Almost)

RIGHT !   Only $2,847 per acre for desert sand right on the border with
"friendly" Mexico; lots of foot traffic through at night leaving trash all
over your land, hot as hell, dry, low income, high crime area, and still 1/4
mile off the PCT. Doesn't sound like a very profitable place to put a B&B
for hikers - or for the ADZPCTKO.

I PASS. I'd sooner have nought Wardholm West B&B at Snoqualmie Pass (but it
sold to someone else and is no longer a B&B).

Wandering Bob

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> Well let's see, Strider and Crew have built the kickoff till the park
> boundries are busting at the seams,so it seems kind of natural to expand
> next year.  And now that he's getting (shudder) organized, I can see a
> non-profit consortium of business types making a bid on good ol' Castle
> Rock.  Hmmmmm.
> You got yer hostel, lightweight gear factories, beginning rock climbing
> schools, Plant and Animal Life Museum of the PCT, llama corrals, Wrist
> Rocket Range, ...
> AsABat wrote:
> >There's a 439 acre parcel right on the border just 1/4 mile from the PCT
for sale on EBay at
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=15841&item=4318853326&rd=1 .
This is most of Section 21 on Map A1 in the guidebook.
> >
> >Anyone want to open a hostel at the start of the trail? What a deal -
only $1.25 million.
> >
> >
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