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[pct-l] Base weight Sect Hike Cascades

Photon - red vs. white ?

I carry one of each. At 0.1 oz @, it's worth it. My white light and whistle
are on a cord reel on my left shoulder strap. My red light and knife are on
a cord around my neck. I use the white when I really want or need to see
what's going on around me (strange noises in the bushes at night); I use the
red when I'm trying to find something in my pack or tent at night and don't
want to kill my night vision.

Be advised, your eyes are not as sensitive to red light as they are to white
so the red light must be BRIGHTER for you to see at the same level that you
do with white light.

Also, Photons are susceptible to moisture. Get them wet and they stop
working until they dry out, which can take a long time. How long do you want
to be without light? Another excellent reason for carrying two.

Wandering Bob

----- Original Message ----- 
I was just getting ready to purchase a photon light.  Did you
buy the red or white one.  The red one has a lot longer life, but I was
wondering how good it works.  Let me Know if you bought one.
Thanks - E. Yakel