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[pct-l] Two quick questions about...

Good afternoon, Squatch,

Your knee pain may, or may not, be reduced with supports, depending upon
its cause, but I do not know of any instance where the use of supports
exacerbated such a problem.

Several years ago I experienced debilitating pain at the outer edges of my
knee joints due to running, and a sports podiatrist diagnosed the problem to
be caused by Morton's Syndrome, i.e. flat feet.  Poor arches cause the
straight-line load vector from the center of the hip joint to the flattened
foot to
tend towards the outside of the knee joint rather than more directly
through.   That causes a searing pain on the outer edges of the
knees.   The fix for that problem is usually arch supports.  I got custom
orthotics, but off-the-self items such as SuperFeet are also good.  I had
immediate, and apparently permanent relief, and I have been running
and hiking pain-free with them for about 25 years now.

I tried SuperFeet because eventually my custom set will go belly-up and
I want to consider a lower-cost option.  So far I have only day-hiked with
them, but they have not disappointed me.  I like their design having the
attached to the full-length insole.  Everything seems to stay in place
duct tape.


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> ..Superfeet.
> 1) Has anyone on the list used them?
> 2) If so, did it help to diminish knee pain?
> Thanks, Squatch
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