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[pct-l] Don't be a litter bug :-)

Saw this on AT-L...thought it may be of interest to
PCT-L as well!  --Mags

Yosemite National Park (CA)
Weapons Arrest in West Yosemite

On Thursday evening, August 5th, rangers received a
message to be on  the lookout for a vehicle and a man
with a rifle who was ?hunting people? in the
Stanislaus National Forest west of the park.

The unoccupied vehicle was found in west Yosemite
Valley and kept under observation. Within an hour, two
men returned and rangers questioned them about
weapons. The men admitted that there was a loaded
rifle in the vehicle. Jeremy Dorosin, 46, of Pinole, 
California, claimed ownership of the rifle.

The other man with him provided information
corroborating the initial Forest Service report,
saying that his friend was ?losing it? and had 
been making people pick up litter at gunpoint in a
national forest campground. Dorosin was arrested for
possession of the loaded weapon in the vehicle, and
the rifle was seized. http://data2.itc.nps.gov/morningreport/morningreportold.cfm?date=08%2F11%2F2004

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