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[pct-l] RE: after the hike

Upon reaching Stehekin in 1977, my hiking partner, Paul Hacker, and I wrote 
our mixed feelings into the register there.  Meadow Ed retrieved the old 
registers a few years ago and the Teutonic Knight copied all of the old messages 
from '77 and gave them to us for our 25 year reunion.  I would LOVE to have the 
records from the other numerous trail registers from that year.  Anyone have 
any idea where they are?

Here's my and Paul's entries;

"HOT DAMN! H&H Inc. (Hummel and Hacker) are here and ony 6 days to go!  I'm 
glad and sad it is all coming to an end.  A last farewell to all of you border 
to border's.  Unfortunates, Bombers, Backtrackers, Trailblazers, Kelty Kids, 
and all of you I never even met.  I hope all is well for all.  9 days of rain 
straight!"  Strider

"It is with mixed feelings that I approach the end of this trip.  All the 
happiness and depressions of a lifetime compressed in 6 months.  'It was the 
worst of times and it was the best of times.'  My faith in humanity is restored, 
we can make it.  Good luck to all, wish you all success in any future 
endeavors."  Hacker

This is written on the old Trail Registers put out by Camp Research with an 
address of P.O. Box 1907, Santa Ana, CA 92702.  On the bottom of the page it 
says, "Join the PACIFIC CREST CLUB - For FREE information, send self-addressed, 
stamped envelope to:  Pacific Crest Club, P O Box 1907, Santa Ana, CA 92702"   
Note that the two addresses are the same.   The PC Club was started by Warren 
Rogers and eventually morphed into the PCTA.  Warren organized and led the 
YMCA relays that layed out the early proposed "permanent" route of the trail way 
back in the 1930's.  He and Clinton Clarke were the early dreamers and 
champions that built the foundation upon which all of you now hike.  Somewhere on 
the trail there should be something honoring this heritage, IMHO.  

Greg "Strider" Hummel

P.S.  Oh, yes, after the hike;  Hacker and I both became geologists due to 
the inspiration and curiosity collected on our hike and are continuing to find 
ways to give back to the trail community, just as so many of you past 
thru-hikers are doing.  

In a message dated 8/13/2004 8:46:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
Paul.C.Griffith@bankofamerica.com writes:
As people close in on the Canadian border, they often wonder what to do after 
the hike. Five years ago, at 89, Doris Haddock walked across the country 
crusading for campaign finance reform, trudging through the Mojave Desert, Texas 
heat and the Appalachians in the thick of winter to reach Washington after 
3,200 miles and 14 months. Now she's running for the Senate in New Hampshire by 
hiking the state. www.grannyd.com. Or, we could just stay in Canada.