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Jacob - that's a fairly wode-open question.  The farthest east that I 
have hiked in Arkansas, so I can't be much help.  I can tell you that 
the PCT is very different than the AT.  The PCT has desert, high 
mountains requiring mountaineering skills, lush dense pine forest 
verging on rain-forest, volcanic lava beds, etc.  I am sure that the AT 
has alot of diversity as well, but its different sorts of terrain, 
that's for sure.

Also, the PCT doesn't have any hiker's huts and the trail towns are 
further apart.

That's all I know in comparison of the two and most of that is gleaned 
from reading since I have never been on the AT.

There are three guide books for the PCT: California section, oregon 
section, and washington section.  A search on amazon.com for "pacific 
crest trail" will no doubt guide you right to them. 

If you are serious about thru-hiking the PCT, I highly recomend Ray 
Jardine's out of print book: The PCT Hiker's Handbook.  It can still be 
found on amazon being sold by 3rd party sellers.

good luck.


> My wife and I just finished our AT thru-hike and would like to start
> planning a thru-hike of the PCT in 2006.  Any information regarding
> the PCT would be appreciated, as we have done thousands of miles of
> eastern hiking, but have done little western hiking (only Alaska,
> Hawaii, Grand Canyon, and Yosemite).  I would especially like to have
> recommendations on which are the best books to buy to introduce me to
> the PCT.  Thanks.
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