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Check out http://www.pcta.org/ for the Pacific Crest Trail Association, join
for a nominal amount and receive for your efforts the PCTA Communicator!
While the PCTA can't address every single issue (that at least has been
discussed on this list) it is the organization that has joint authority (and
gets major funding for) for management of the Trail with the various federal
land management agencies.

The guidebooks that are available from Wilderness Press are also available
through the PCTA store, as are a number of informative videos & CDs.   You
might also get a copy of Yogi's PCT Handbook, available at
http://pcthandbook.com/ .  This is a more recently updated guidebook than
the PCT Data Book or Town Guide listed at the PCTA store.

Congrats on your AT hike & enjoy your PCT planning!

Christine "Ceanothus" Kudija
PCT partially '94

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My wife and I just finished our AT thru-hike and would like to start
planning a thru-hike of the PCT in 2006.  Any information regarding the PCT
would be appreciated, as we have done thousands of miles of eastern hiking,
but have done little western hiking (only Alaska, Hawaii, Grand Canyon, and
Yosemite).  I would especially like to have recommendations on which are the
best books to buy to introduce me to the PCT.  Thanks.

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