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[pct-l] Last of the thru hikers?

We ran into Paul & Caitlin around 7/22 or so on Pinchot Pass.  They thought
they were the tail end of the group.  They are doing a "modified thru hike".
Started in Idyllwyld and were going to hike to the Oregon Border, flip to
Manning & hike south to Oregon then finish with the desert next fall.  They
were unable to start until the first of June.  A few days before we ran into
2 thru hikers hiking out of VVR up silver pass.  Didn't get their names.


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  :A PCTA trail crew was working this weekend near Blue Lakes, just west of
  :The Nipple (about 1/2 way between Ebbetts Pass and Carson Pass).
  :On Friday morning (7/30) we met Mogley (Moglee?) and Circus, and later
  :that afternoon some of the crew met Road Rash who had been delayed in
  :Mammoth Lakes a few weeks.
  :No one else came by Saturday or Sunday while we were working.
  :Are these the last of the thru hikers?
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