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[pct-l] hiking speed vs. pack weight

This discussion has been extremely helpful in deciding to how light to go. I
have never thru-hiked but I am definitely attempting the PCT in 2006. I have
been an avid backpacker all my life but I traditionally take a heavy load
(i.e. 40+ lb packs). To me, it seems like such an accomplishment to go 50-60
miles in a few days. But it is WORK! It seems like there might be an
intermediate level somewhere between ultra light and the daily fatigue
associated with a heavy load. Is it possible to go, say, 25lbs and still be
comfortable enough to do the whole route? Does anyone try to do this whole
route with heavy packs? Could this be why there is about a 50% success rate
for this venture? Thanks for all the discussion. Extremely helpful!

> My sentiments exactly..
> --- "Griffith, Paul C"
> <Paul.C.Griffith@bankofamerica.com> wrote:
> > Most of the gain in miles per day is not more miles
> > per hour, but more hours actually moving (at least
> > in my case).  I don't average much over 2 mph.  But
> > if I sleep 7 and sit around 2 hours, I still can
> > cover thirty miles in a day.  I find it is much more
> > pleasant to amble along than to either sit and look
> > at the scenery, or to rush athletically up the
> > trail.  With a super light pack, I don't have to
> > take long "breaks".  "Breaks" are to get away from
> > work.  Strolling ain't work.