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also keep this in mind when measuring the volume of an existing pack -- 
as you stuff stuff in, the pack becomes more circular and the actual 
volume increases. Similar effect can be observed in stuffing stuff into 
a soft sided suitcase.

Joanne Lennox wrote:

>Be careful about putting all of your stuff into a box and measuring the
>dimensions to get a pack size, especially if your are going to use that size
>to make a pack(length, depth, etc).
>I did this twice and ended up with a very large pack that I had to cut down
>before I realized the error.
>Turns out a volume in a rectangular box is much smaller than the volume of a
>cylinder with the same circumference (given the same height of cylinder or
>length of box).  As we stuff our packs and increase their roundness we are
>also increasing the volume.  It is not just a matter of compression, but
>actually creating more space (or rather less inefficient angularity).