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[pct-l] pack weight vs hiking speed

In 1998, I hiked the Tahoe-Yosemite Trail with a few friends each 
carrying a 50-60lbs pack.  We completed the 187 mile trail in 16 days 
and had to crank out a 20-mile day on the second to last day to do it 
that fast.  

In 2001, we did the same trail in 9 days with ~20 lb packs.  each day, 
we'd pass two campsites from our previous trip and say "there's where 
we camped last year".  We also met some other people along the trail 
who were hiking in the same direction we were.  They were carrying much 
heavier loads and much larger packs.  We chatted with them along the 
trail until the first big climb.  As soon as we started climbing, they 
started dropping like flies.The uphill *REALLY* accentuates how much 
faster you can go with a lighter pack.

You might also want to tell the writer to check out Ray Jardine's PCT 
Book.  I think that he has some stats in there about lightening your 

eugene, or


> I was just asked by a writer if I could give hard facts about how
> lightening your pack weight affects hiking speed. Does anyone have
> hard facts that show that they took off "x" pounds of pack weight and
> their hiking speed increase by "y" miles per day? I think most of us
> know lighter backpacks produce faster hiking, but I know I don't have
> any hikes that I hiked heavy, then hiked light.
> Ken
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