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[pct-l] Thru-Hikers and cans (was Scary bear story&nothangingfood)

Hi there,

Dude: As you might have gathered from the fact that I carry my gear in a
GoLite Breeze, I do know about lightening the load. I've been trying hard to
reduce the clutter in my pack. There is very little that I could now take
out of my pack that is not essential. When I speak about a bigger pack, I
still speak about an ultralight frameless pack. Not one of the big monster
packs with full suspension and internal frame! I have one of those, from my
earlier days of backpacking. I even carried it on the PCT in Washington and
Oregon. That's when I decided that ultralight was the way to go... I was
only looking at packs like the Gossamer Gear Mariposa pack. It is supposed
to start shipping soon, anyone been able to sneak a peak?

A GVP G4 is much much bigger than a Breeze! (without counting the mesh
departments it is about 4000 cubic inches for a G4 and 2900 for a Breeze)
As to what else is there: my shelter (Henry Shires' tarptent), a filter (I
know, I know, I don't want to start that discussion again!!), one pot to
cook with (inside is the alcohol stove etc), small stuff like a notebook, a
pen, maps, two plastic cups, a poncho against the rain.
Everything will more or less fit, but it will be so snug that the back will
be round and not more or less flat. I wonder how my back will tolerate that.
I don't have space enough in the pack to polster it with my sleeping bag and
clothes. The BearVault fits too snugly!

I'll try it out this weekend, and let you know...


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> story&nothangingfood)
>> I have bought a BearVault. I usually carry a GoLite
> Breeze. It does fit, but except for my clothes and my sleeping bag,
> nothing else does!
> What else is there? If you're using a GoLite, you should be pretty light on
> the gear. I have a BearVault and a GVP G4. My sleeping bag goes in first,
> then the BearVault vertically. On one side on the BearVault I shove my tent
> (Europa II), on the other my jacket and rain coat. There's still plenty of
> room on top on the BearVault to fill the extension collar with whatever
> extra clothes and stuff I need. I still have room for a camera and ham
> radio.
> AsABat
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