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[pct-l] Gimme Shelter!!!

No , not the Grand Funk Railroad song, but the ones made of rocks and old boards!!
   Most older hikers remember the nice Dana Yelverton Memorial shelter in the goat rocks. This shelter was built by volunteers for a young gal who died of exposure years ago in hopes of saving others. Since this was in a wilderness area , it was destroyed because in was unnatural.
   I am glad the powers at large didn't ruin Muir Hut as well or Mt. Rainer's Camp Muir! These icons get more graceful with time and serve as real shelter ,esp. on winter trips. 
   Most the shelters in the Olympic Mts. have been torn down which is a big mistake. One small damp and worthless shelter is found at Deer Lake on the PCT only 3 miles North of White pass. This is not shown on many maps today and was " Overlooked" in early 80's shelter bashing scheme. This though is a Godsend in winter and the damp floor is a nice white platform. ( Check out Jonathon Ley's website . " www.phump.com" for great winter pics!!
  Shelters turn Long distance trails into wonderful winter lodging!! Save our shelters!
   The AT with no shelters would be a bummer as well. Long live shelters.