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[pct-l] Thru-Hikers and cans (was Scary bear story &nothangingfood)

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>A question for the thru-hikers: Is carrying a can REALLY that serious of a
> problem in the areas where they're required? Don't they go into the bounce
> boxes when they're not needed?

No, they do not. That would be a big bounce box, and once you are north of
Sonora Pass, you're out of the required use areas. Besides, considering the
areas where you need one AND the availability of post offices or resorts
that hold packages, one is stuck with the can from Kennedy Meadows to  at
least Kennedy Meadow west of Sonora Pass; more likely all the way to South
Lake Tahoe.

As far as bear cans and the ultralight philosophy and inherent smaller
capacity packs - there's a real conflict. But guess what? It's the law in
some areas through which the trail passes. Know the fine; know the time of
year you'll be there vs the times when the rangers patrol the backcountry;
estimate the liklihood of being ticketed, and decide. Be prepared to suffer
the consequences if you decide wrong (Yogi gets your hang or the rangers get
your money). Both can ruin your hike, or at least delay it significantly.

I saw a post on the Whitney Portal message board that Bearikade will
custom-make a smaller 8 inch high Bearikade upon request.  They will not
reduce the 9 inch diameter out of respect for the jaw spread of a large
bear. This would be a volume of almost 510 cubic inches as compared to their
Weekender (9x10  650 cubic inches  31 ounces) or Expedition (9x14  900 cubic
inches 37 ounces).

Wandering Bob