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[pct-l] RE: Knee Injury

I had arthoscopet (sp?) knee surgery about 5 years ago to repair torn 
cartilage.  The intrusions into the muscles around the knee hurt for several months 
after, but with rehab and hiking a light basketball the pain went away quickly 
thereafter.  During rehab the tech said, "I have bad news and good news".  He 
told me that my surgery leg was about 25% weaker than my other leg.  The good 
news?  The surgery leg was at 110% of normal strength for my age, weight, 
height, etc.  He said what do you do to keep in shape?  I told him about long 
distance hiking and basketball and he was blown away that long distance hiking 
could build that kind of muscle base and that I could maintain it 20+ years 
later.  YMM WILL VARY!