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[pct-l] RE: Knee Injury

There was an interesting knee article in last week's science section
of the NY Times. Hopefully this link is still good (it will probably
expire soon):


I had knee surgery two years ago. The knee still bothers me, but I
don't let it stop me. I figure if it locks up on me in the Sierra
between July and September I can always get out or get help (I've
hopped out with a broken ankle once). It's trekking in Nepal that
worries me.

As someone else mentioned: get hiking poles and reduce the weight of
your pack.

I'd do Whitney because coming back down you'll certainly find out
whether it's a meniscus tear or just tendinitis.

You don't want to end up using your knee as an excuse for not
hiking. Also, my orthopedic surgeon said swimming is the best activity
for rehabilitating a knee. Maybe you should have someone look at your
kick (I never asked my doctor about the breaststroke scissors kick
though...if that's your stroke).


> From: Hiker97@aol.com
> Subject: [pct-l] Knee Injury
> Does anyone have any advice on a sore knee.  My right knee has started
> bothering me.  Never had it before.  It started when I started my summer swimming
> program.  I just went for 10 minutes in the pool twice and just swimming very
> slowly.  That seem to do it.  My knee started hurting and now my trial name will
> have to "gimpy".  I am taking Glucosamine with MSM from the health food
> store.  Also I am wearing an elastic brace.  I heard that a cold pack was the way
> to go and not heat.  This might cancel my Mt. Whitney hike in late July.
> Thanks for any advice, Switchback