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[pct-l] Iditarod Racers use Alcohol Stoves

Not necessarily. They use a lot of gear that through hikers don't use.
They are also much more interested in speed over weight when the weights
are that similar. I could think of a lot of reasons that a musher would
prefer alcohol over Esbits. But they wouldn't be reasons for me to chose
alcohol over Esbits. I've used both...a lot. But only through hiking. I
chose Esbits 4 or 5 years ago for the reasons I've always gave. Every
time someone sends me an alcohol stove I try it, just to be sure. I
always go back to Esbits. But feel free to carry what ever turns you
on.....   ;o)
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If Esbit were really lighter and better, Dog Mush racers would have be
using a large form of Esbit tablets in their race already as they are
all looking for an edge. Price means nothing to them. Only performance.