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[pct-l] Iditarod Racers use Alcohol Stoves

imho, thru-hike gear doesn't have to as bomb-proof as iditarod 
gear.  ...but that's good to know what stove is cosidered to be the 
most hard-core.

> When Jeff King won the Quest Dog Race in 1989 , he used a 2 burner
> Coleman stove which he would " Dose"  with white gas to preheat ,
> wiat for inferno to die down, the turn on burners to light and
> melt water for dogs and himself. In early 90's , dog mushers began
> using large alcohol cookers which were much more simple to use,
> lighter and never fail to heat up to 4 gallons of water for their
> dogs. Nowdays , all Iditarod  and Yukon Quest racers use alcohol
> stoves. If they work flawlessly for them and hundreds of
> thru-hikers , any hikers using something else are using a second
> rate stove. Go to your google search and look into Iditarod race
> gear. Muchers don't use esbit tabs or whisperlighter or coleman
> stoves. Alcohol is King of the mushers!!!   P.S. I have a whole
> wall full of second rate stoves which I love very much , but would
> never consider on a thru-hike.
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