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[pct-l] Bear Canisters

JD writes:

> a bear last month on the JMT tried
> to get into the tent in which my son and I were sleeping (we had a canister
> 30' away but I'll still go with the odds); 

This is what happens from people sleeping with their food.  They may get away 
with it, but all it takes is one or two times of a bear crashing a 
food-smelling tent to habituate the bear to crashing tents regardless of the smell.  It 
sounds as though you were a victim of this exact situation.  Bears don't do 
things unless they either smell the food or have been habituated into expecting 
to find food in; cars, backpacks, tents, etc. as they have in Yosemite and 

I will either; 1) Carry a bear canister where it is required, or 2) not hike 
in those areas.


Greg "Strider" Hummel