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[pct-l] Bear Canisters

I will be carrying my Garcia cannister through the Sierras. I was up there 
earlier in the year and the Forest Service was handing out $150.00 fines to 
everyone in the campgrounds for leaving canned food, beer and liquor out. As 
we packed up our backpacks, they were patrolling and stopped to check us and 
make sure we had a cannister. For myself, I feel it is worthwhile to carry 
the cannister and be sure that I am not a part of the problem in any way. 
There is definitely a resale market for used equipment, just check Ebay, 
I've bought and sold many items there.

Sean aka Tick 2004 Gonnabe

>From: jesse ashbaugh <jesseashbaugh@yahoo.com>
>To: pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net
>Subject: [pct-l] Bear Canisters
>Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 19:16:37 -0700 (PDT)
>I know this a sensitive subject but so is the weight in my pack , so I have 
>a few direct questions. #1 What is the penalty for not carrying a bear can 
>in required areas ? #2 How likely is that penalty to be unforced ? #3 Do 
>bear cans have a resale value? And if so , does anyone have one for sale or 
>interested in mine when I'm done with it? #4 Who's carrying what(as in bear 
>bear cans of not)  in 2004 ?
>Thanks in advance for your comments.
>Jesse, 2004 Gonna be (Oh , and somebody please add me to the list thats 
>being compiled)
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