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I realized that as soon as I pressed "send"...but I still think that a trip
from Campo to Mid Oregon would be very doable for me this year..or..at least
to the Oregon border.....

>>>>i need to brush up on my topos and spatial relationships out on the west
coast. here, in the east, you can do MA, wittle rhodie, CT, and NYS in 4
hours...low crawling.

And I won't be bringing any MREs (meals rarely edible) or BDUs with
me....left those in Nam...(although they were called C rations then)

>>>trade u 4 nice cold cans of franks and beans for one (1) froot cocktail.


16th SOSq
S.E.A 1972 - 1976
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From: "Marshall Karon" <m.karon@attbi.com>
To: "Randy Forsland" <randy_forsland@hotmail.com>;

> Just to make sure, Campo to Mid-Oregon is quite a bit more than 1000 miles
> (however, there were times I wish it had been only 1000 miles).

>>>uh, i guess i am finding that u all use the french mileage measuring system,

> Marshall Karon
> Portland, OR
> m.karon@attbi.com
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> From: "Randy Forsland" <randy_forsland@hotmail.com>

> > What was your MOS ??...Target ??

>>>>>11bravo. u mean there were others? jeez.
"target"? u mean marksmanship badge? why, expert, of course.

> > Just kidding...I am also a VN vet...no physical wounds..just some
> > in the heart...

>>>>>>>speaking of which there is a great book on the pain of coming back by dr.
jonathan shay called "odysseus in america."  of all the crap abt 'coming
home' over the years, this is by far the most helpful for vets and nonvets
alike. of course, i am featured prominently in the book. i even made the
index!  ;---)))))) i apologize to fellow listers abt this tangential
digression. i will stick to the PCT and related issues in the future.

> > Let me know your itinerary...

>>>>>as soon as i have the vt long trail set, i'll begin on the PCT.

marc adin, 1968-69, 1/12, 4th inf div, dak to, kontum, ben het.