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[pct-l] Topo USA question

>   When I query the program about this section of the PCT, it highlights
> that section of the PCT in yellow and gives the length of that section.
>   Is there a way to select that portion or any other portion of a trail
> shown on the maps?  Or do I have to follow the trail with cursor and
> click on each change of direction?

The short answer is I don't remember, but as you may have discerned from the
previous responses, the answer is mute, because the software simply does not
portray the PCT accurately in most cases.

I used v2.0 to create the daily maplets in my webpage (link below), but only
as a post hike exercise.  The PCT Guide (Wilderness Press) is the definitive
source of routing data (although some have mapped the trail using GPS and
TOPO! software).  In creating the maps on my pages I created TOPO *.rte
files that accurately described the trail.  I scanned most of them from the
guide, then created the *.rte files using the route function on TOPO.  Tony
Nitz also sent me several of his routes from v4.0, but they didn't seem to
be directly compatible with v2.0, so I used some imaging software to resize
his routes and overlaid them on the TOPO maps.

I still have *.rte files for the section you were interested in; send me an
email off list and I'll pass whatever data you need.

happy trails, Tom

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