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[pct-l] new guy on the list

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Greetings!   I'm joining the PCT list after a decision by my wife,
Shell, and me yesterday to start the PCT next May, planning on a 3 yr

Background, in short:

          Bob:  AT - 1980-83.  PCT - 1985-91.  AT - 1992-95.  CDT -
1996-2002.  Ah, yes. the C&O Canal (most enjoyable) in 1997

          Shell:   From Bear Mt on the Hudson to Katahdin on AT - 1995.
The CDT from 1996-2002

My goal here is to try to locate info on the various changes (tons, I
know) on the PCT since I did it before. To that end, I guess I'll have
to spend lots of time in the archives, unless any of you know a better
way.  Of course, I will compare the current and old guidebooks
side-by-side, but I know there are many changes in trail life,
challenges, water availability, hostel possibilities, trail angels, etc
that aren't in guidebooks.  I confess to hearing zero, nada, nulla,
niente, nothing about the PCT since I finished it, except for an
occasional groan about severe trail erosion from a friend who's been
working away at the PCT.

We have a dog named Tuckerman (yup, after Tuckerman Ravine) who did
1,000 miles on the CDT with us.  I know he can handle most of the PCT,
but I have concerns about the southern 500 miles of HEAT, after my 1985
experiences.    So, my first two questions:

1)   Do any of you know how I can dialogue (off-list, I suppose) with
anyone who has taken a dog in that first hot section from the

                  border to the southern Sierras??  I would love to
touch bases with them.

2)    Is there any informal  Xeroxed info floating around, like a
hiker's "Trail Companion" with all kinds of trail goodies in it?  I know

         about the guidebooks, Data Book, and Town Book.  Anything else
I should try to get my hands on?



Bob Ellinwood

Bedford, VA

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