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[pct-l] Lawsuits, Rights, and User Fees

>    The whole issue could be resolved by paying for some sort of annual
> wilderness and National Park pass.

	I presume that you are aware that there is already an annual National
Parks pass. A bargain, in my opinion.

>    I must say that I find it peculiar that some on the list want to ensure
> that thru hikers pay their fair share. Why? Because there were dozens of
> incidents along the trail when unsolicited discounts and freebies were thrust
> upon me with fervor - such as entry to Crater Lake N.P. the free campsites at
> Stehekin, campsites set aside for PCT hikers in various state parks for
> ridiculously low fees ($2) free rides to traiheads and on and on.  Maybe
> these people should wise up, like  the NFS, and recognize a monetary plus
> when they see one

	Private charity for a select group is one thing, government charity for
such is quite another.

	In my experience, parks often have hiker campsites for lower cost than
those intended primarily for the use of car campers and RVs. Since the
two groups do not have the same requirements, that is a reasonable
distinction. On the other hand, fees lower for those who walked from the
next state instead of from the other side of the mountain pass don't
make sense to me. That is unless you can answer my questions as to why
the former would not cause the same drain upon park resources.

>    What you guys think about all those subsidized mass transit systems in
> various and sundry cities that benefit only those that choose not to drive.
> Bet I can guess!

	Are the mass transit systems available at the same price to all
able-bodied riders, or only those who walked in from the Mexican border?

	There's no need to turn this into some sort of class struggle. I don't
think my position is so unreasonable - equal charges for equal demands
upon the system. Can you show me why that is unfair? Would you not think
it unreasonable were the fee amounts reversed?


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