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[pct-l] Planning and Preparing for Thru-Hike

Plan one day at a time, as you eventually will be doing anyway on the PCT. Do
one small thing everyday between now and April and you will be ready to go.
I would spend far less time planning for life on the trail and more chipping
away at whatever could keep me from going. For me, my house and pets were
biggies, followed by financing the whole thing. Everything else fell into
place pretty much on its own. I just skimmed the guide books -- the details
don't do much good until you are there. I found the Town Guide to be a
godsend because it saved me a WHOLE bunch of research and helped me develop a
supply on the trail strategy instead of wasting a lot of time figuring out
every last meal on the PCT - meals I might come to loathe, and imposing on
someone to trot down to the post office every week. I rented out my house for
6 months to help prevent the lure of an easy early return and they looked
after my cats.
   I kept active before I left (age 52) but didn't dedicate myself to an
exercise routine. I was shoulder and leg weary until I got to Warner Springs,
but both then dissipated. I decided on a weekly mileage rate. Every section I
would figure out if I was behind or ahead of schedule and adjusted the next
section's schedule and pace accordingly. I was within 2 days of my schedule
when I got to Hart's Pass. I stayed in far fewer motels than anticipated -
Only 4 in Ca, and 2 Or. and 3 in Wa. If I had to do it again, I would do 120
miles a week - October is just too iffy in Wa.