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[pct-l] Lawsuits, Rights, and User Fees

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 > Anyway, so much for my introduction.  The real point=0D
> here is that I just have to weigh in on Mr. Hummel's=0D
> musing that walking through public land is a 'right'.=0D
> "We" the people, hired the National Park Service to=0D
> take care of our land for us.  "We" have decided,=0D
> either through our representatives or by direct vote=0D
> [at some local levels], that public land stewardship=0D
> is best paid for by a combination of tax revenues and=0D
> user fees.  "We" can change this arrangement if we=0D
> wish, however at the present time; "We" decided that=0D
> Mr. Hummel and all others must pay to use the land=97and=0D
> what=92s wrong with that?  I for one like the=0D
> arrangement and don=92t mind paying either for day use,=0D
> or a lump sum for traveling large chunks of the trail.=0D
>  How is it that anyone can think that their "pet=0D
> activity" is elevated to the status of a 'right'?=0D
> I'll check my copy of the Constitution, but I don't=0D
> think I'll find it there--expressed, implied, or=0D
> otherwise.=0D
> i don`t think"we" are deciding anything anymore.the extraction and o.r.v.=
industries(logging ,mining,oil,motercycles,snowmobiles,etc)have given so mu=
ch money to the current adminastration that their in charge now,and it dosn=
t matter what we the people want.dont think so? look at the yellowstone sno=
mobile issue. the n.p.s. reported that public comment ran 80%for a ban or r=
eduction on snomobile use in yellowstone,in the new plan allowable daily sn=
omobile use has been increased by 30%,in other words 30% more snomobiles ar=
e allowed than are currently useing the park now. so much for listening to =
the "people".=0D
 if this trend continues the p.c.t.is in real trouble,the california desert=
 protection act will probally be gutted look for more development,grazing a=
nd o.r.v.use in southern california.the siskiyou mountains in northern cali=
fornia will be in for more mining,grazing and logging,and if the "healthly =
profits deforestation plan" passes look for more clearcuts in washington,or=
egon and california.=0D
 this isnt a partasan issue, a third of sierra club members are republican,=
even dave foreman was a registered republican when he helped found earth fi=
rst! this is a case of the top people not listening to the "people,and sell=
ing us out.=0D

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