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[pct-l] new cheap bear can

I've tried "marking my territory" in Yosemite. Even "marked" the base of the tree
in which I hung my food. Bear still went up in tree after food. Even though I
used a simple tie-off rather than counter-balancing my food, I had tied to the
top of a small tree up a hillside and I had to climb up on a boulder to reach my
tie-off. Result the bear climbed the tree after the food rather than breaking the
nylon line. Bear was sitting on the long branch over which the food was slung.
Bear couldn't break off branch but also knew the branch wasn't strong enough to
support his going out on a limb to get the food. That was years ago in Lyell
Canyon. Don't know what a bear would do now.


David hiking PCNST in bits wrote:

> > I believe one thing we have going for us is that bears dislike the smell of
> > humans. I know they can smell backpackers in campsites. Get out there and
> > work up a sweat.
> And guys, don't be shy about marking your territory.   All the other male
> animals do.     There's even a Yosemite ranger that advocates tossing a
> cupful up high on a tree trunk to impress the bear with how tall you are.
> The bear can smell better than he can see.     Your mileage may vary.
> Don't forget to rinse your cup out afterward if you're a multi-purpose
> ultralighter.