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[pct-l] new cheap bear can

I have a very stunning picture of many hermetically sealed cans
slashed open by a Yosemite bear including choice chicken,
tantilizing tuna, some Bud-wiser (yup!), a coke can,
and even a can of SPAM!

As to the pre-slashed odorous condition I cannot testify to; however it
was apparant that the cans integrity was presetn prior to slashing
open by the bear becasue the bear did not even have the common
coutesty to use the pull top or a can opener and the slashed can sat
there, empty, in all its gory, with the lid still attached and it's
sides open!.... just slash and rib open
and eat.

I beleive that the walk-in cg has a prominent picture of a canned
ham being slashed open with the lid intact evidencing a hermetic
intrusion occured! :-)

Oh well..back to to the drawing board! Sorry...but the bears have
become habituated to canned goods as well, at least in YNP!


At 07:18 PM 11/8/02 -0600, Bruce Warren wrote:
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>This is my first post on this board after reading the recent thread on bear
>I have developed a food can with the initial mission of preventing boy
scout injury and death from Texas Fire Ant Tent Invasions. The can has
worked well, proving to be invisible to fire ants and racoons since no
smells leak out. Its big feature is low price... $35 to $55 and light
weight. See more details at www.stealthcan.com. My email address is on the site.
>I am looking for 5 people to test these cans on the PCT. I have never hiked
the PCT, the Grand Canyon being as far west as I have gotten (the cans
worked well against the hungry ground squirrels down in the Canyon). They
are not approved by the SIBBG, but I am trying. Their test requires that you
smear your can with honey and toss it into the cage of a trained zoo bear.
My can leaks no odors and is not made to resist a bear slash and crush
attack. I am trying to convice them that a low cost can is the best way to
increase compliance. I am trying to get a new test added for hermetically
sealed cans, but need your help to do more preliminary testing of various
sizes and coatings.
>These stealth food cans were tested in New Mexico last summer and were
totally ignored by the bears wandering through the Philmont camp grounds. I
have a Bearikade and a Garcia and have tested them, and they both leak a lot
of odors, thus attracting bears and other animals. The Stealth Can leaks NO
odors and a bear will walk right by a can filled with food.
>I'll send you a can at no cost. You'll have to use it for at least 200
miles or 20 nights where bears are known to roam and send me lots of
pictures and a written report and I welcome seeing your feedback posted
here. You will have to send it back so I can do a leak test and see how beat
up it gets.
>...when in doubt, gas it!
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