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[pct-l] new cheap bear can

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Thanks for your input. I agree that people who leave typical food cans like
tuna fish or a canned ham laying on a picnic table will probably see the
result you cited. But you miss the whole point. The bear will never SEE or
SMELL the stealth can. You keep it in your pack, or in your tent.  You don't
leave it out like the Garcia or Bearikade or Ursack, which all leak plenty
of food odors that attract animals and ants, so you do not want them in the
tent with you.

This is the bottleneck I am facing. The SIBBG folks have a hard time
thinking out of the box. I say why keep teasing the bears with delicious
smells and then waiting years for them to learn a canister is too difficult
to open? Let's stop the problem at the source... Leave No Trace, including
no food odors in the air both while you are hiking and while you are
stopped. Why do you think those stories of bears tracking human hikers
happen? Without a stealth can, you are trailing delicious food odors like
pixie dust as you hike down the trail.

If you are initially worried about stealth technology, just hide the stealth
can under a pile of brush or leaves or a big rock overnight until you are
confident it is indeed invisible to bears and other hungry animals. That's
what I did in the New Mexico mountains where the bears are very human food

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> I have a very stunning picture of many hermetically sealed cans
> slashed open by a Yosemite bear including choice chicken,
> tantilizing tuna, some Bud-wiser (yup!), a coke can,
> and even a can of SPAM!
> As to the pre-slashed odorous condition I cannot testify to; however it
> was apparant that the cans integrity was presetn prior to slashing
> open by the bear becasue the bear did not even have the common
> coutesty to use the pull top or a can opener and the slashed can sat
> there, empty, in all its gory, with the lid still attached and it's
> sides open!.... just slash and rib open
> and eat.
> I beleive that the walk-in cg has a prominent picture of a canned
> ham being slashed open with the lid intact evidencing a hermetic
> intrusion occured! :-)
> Oh well..back to to the drawing board! Sorry...but the bears have
> become habituated to canned goods as well, at least in YNP!