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[pct-l] Tom is right!

Yep, Tom you are right: being forced to carry at least two canisters from
K.M. to VVR would have something to do with it, too. Maybe I could dump the
ice ax to save weight! But then again, I have no plans to hike the JMT again
any time soon so why would it be my primary reason for opposing bear cans as
the bear problem solution?
  If you must know my primary motivation is being teed off when passing
through the Sierras and finding out that hanging food from trees was a bad
thing, the hiker equivalent of bear baiting. They HAD been REQUIRING, under
threat of fine, this policy since the fifties and now it turns out it was a
dumb thing to advise: it partially caused the bear problem and just made
bears more clever and bolder. I am questioning their logic, just as I did
with the goats because I don't trust them to get it right by themselves.
Plain and simple.