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[pct-l] Bears and food

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First I use all three methods the can, hang & sleep with as needed. In
questionable bear country I use the can. In other areas say in the low desert
try to find a tree or above timberline. I would rather use the weight in
water in the desert. In the high desert I may bag it or sleep with it. Try
hanging with the wind blowing 50 to 60 mph with rain or snow. or both. With
temperature below 10 degrees. If you have any moisture in your food it will
freeze even in a can. So I sleep with my food sometimes in my sleeping bag. I
have never tried sleeping with the can in my bag. It would steal a lot of
body heat.

When I get in the high country with trees I use a triangle method with one
little bell on each side of the three trees. I will sleep under my bag or in
center of triangle. I once woke up around 2:00 AM (You know that bladder
problem) and saw a bear sleeping outside the perimeter of the triangle. The
bell made a noise and the bear stopped to figure it out and fell asleep. I
grabbed my camera and took his picture. I still have the picture. We were
separated by ten feet. I walked ten feet diagonally from him, He got up and
kept the same distance. I thought I have to do something to end this. I stood
as high as I could and raised my hands and hollered. The bear turned and ran
he looked back and jawed me several time saying. All I wanted was breakfast.

There are two kinds of backpacker the thru-hiker.and the want -to-bees I am a
sectional hiker but a also a want- to- bee thru-hiker. It was either a but,
and or another want that stopped me. Of course the biggest obstacle was a few
dozen women.