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[pct-l] Re: Help with planning

Check out the PCTA web site (www.pcta.org) for planning information on-line.
This allows you to choose resupply points, mileage per day, and it gives you
the schedule.

However, you really won't know how much you will really be able to do unless
you are very experienced and are "broken in". So, it is a little bit like a
crap shoot - something to target, but don't count on it. Yet, unless you
resupply by buying everything as you go, you need some type of schedule to
mail yourself things.  You got to go with something.

I second the Ray Jardine earlier books and also his latest - still the best
thing out there. He starts moderately slow to get you in shape without
breaking you and then increases the mileage. Most folks are moving through
Oregon at a good clip (high 20's).

As others have suggested, be sure to train. It will make a huge difference
and you won't get as sore. And you will be able to test your equipment,
shoes, etc.

Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
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> I am planning to hike the PCT in 2003. I have never planned a long distant
> trip before. Is there any samples or books on the begin planning? I have
> the data book, twon guide & vol. 2 guidebook. I would like to see a sample
> of how to begin. We plan on hiking 18 miles a day at the beginning. Thanks
> for any info.
> Peggy M.
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