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[pct-l] Re: Help with planning


It sounds like you're off to a good start as far as books are concerned.  Of
course, posting on the list will also help you quite a bit.

I would highly recomment that you start a rigorous physical training program
so that your body is "toughened up".  Also there is no substiture for
getting out there and field testing all the gear you're planning on taking
with you.

You'll need to think about a "schedule" of sorts.  I don't know too many
folks that adhered to one inflexibly, but rather most folks used one as a
sort of guideline.  You'll want to think about which towns you'll want to
stop in.  You'll also want to think about how you'll want to resupply.  Some
folks relyed on maildrops primarily.  Some folks shopped as they went.  Some
(me included) did a little of both---shopping in towns where good selections
were available and sometimes buying extra in those towns to mail ourselves
maildrops up ahead where selection was poor.

I found Ray Jardine's "Pacific Crest Trail Hiker's Handbook" very useful in
planning my schedule.  Unfortunately, it is no longer in print, but you may
find a used copy somewhere.  If not, email me off list and I'll copy the
various schedules and send them to you.  Best of luck to you.   You'll have
an incredible adventure!!!

Cheryl  AKA Lady Leaper
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> I am planning to hike the PCT in 2003. I have never planned a long distant
> trip before. Is there any samples or books on the begin planning? I have
> the data book, twon guide & vol. 2 guidebook. I would like to see a sample
> of how to begin. We plan on hiking 18 miles a day at the beginning. Thanks
> for any info.
> Peggy M.
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